"Poetic Expressions of Pain , Pleasure and Exotic Realities"

 "poetry you actually feel"

About the Writer

Mr. A. E. Ivy possesses a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in epidemiology. His education led to his completion of major roles and projects with government, academic, healthcare and nonprofit entities across the country. Mr. Ivy also maintains a strong passion for creative writing and poetry, as he appreciates the deeper meanings of words and how they can alter people’s moods and feelings for better or worse. Thus, telling intriguing stories with meaning, purpose and realness has always intrigued Mr. Ivy. In addition, he has written articles and a screenplay on a myriad of subjects, using his consciousness and creative imagination to express ideas with verve and authenticity. At the moment, Mr. Ivy is excited to present you with PEPPER Poetry, an amazing world of fantasy, pleasure and mystery.